“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Someone actually won? wow


Click the following link to see the Youtube footage, and watch how the winner pretty much tells Regis to kiss his ass, lol. (if clip does not work go to Youtube and type in “Millionaire – Smartest Guy”

I found this post on reddit and I had to put it up, because currently and when I was a kid i use to watch game show continuous, waiting for the day to actually see someone win. Well in this clip not only did the guy win. He didnt even use a lifeline to get their. When he does attempt to use his lifeline, he does it in a way to pretty much show off and let Regis know the money is his. I think it was just perfect how they guy finishes the last question. I think i would have done the same thing, just for fact i think the shows are made so that their is actually a 1% chance of winner. Come on everyone remembers Legends of The Hidden Temple, The Price is Right, and The Wheel Of Fortune, lol.

by the way -Does anyone know how they get money to give away, on these shows?


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