Final Assignment


Of the course of the course of the semester i have slow transformed thought blogging. When i first started the class i was skeptical about the whole blogging concept in general. However after posting up stories and articles, the comments i got back from fellow readers was comforting. I at first i thought to my self “who want to read my shit”, then two months later, im posting my life away and looking for funny things to comments about. I really am happy that i got to understand blogging. As a Journalism major we often talk about blogging in a lot of of the classes. While being in this class i have grown to understand the type of affect that bloggers posses in the media. I am starting to understand why this form of media is growing and becoming more popular. For example i don’t think that this is a difference between an Op-Ed piece in a news paper and what people write about in their blogs. Another thing that i found interesting about the blog experience is that having your own blog gives everyone a chance to see where your coming from. That means that a writer for example doesn’t have to belong to a major newspaper to get their words across.

When giving feedback i tend to notice that I normally would be commenting on a website or article that is getting a lot of attention. For example anything i commented on on reddit had tons of other people who commented where as when i commented on The Source magazine website i would only have a few comments that would follow mine or even relate to my comment. I think when commenting, if you dont post something that is catchy or over the top, people aren’t likely to comment on your. I would have to admit that i liked commenting more the having people comment on me. But i was nice when people from the class who i never spoke to become communicated with me on my blog. In most stories i commented on i either posted something that raises a question, or post something that was funny. Only a couple times did i post a serious opinion. Ex Obama money post, and the Obama fried chicken. Thoughts post were two of my favorites where i really felt like I was going in deeper with my blog.

If could go back and do all my blogging again i would have gone back and posted MORE BLOGS. As much as I had fun commenting on other peoples work. I think if I put more time aside in writing more on my blog i may have got more comments. However i was picky when it came to things that i would blog about. I normally looked for interesting things that would some how affect me in my daily life. I am also a musician thats why i always posted things about music or technology. I couldn’t help myself, lol. Lastly i think am going to continue to my blog however i am going to make a new one for my DJ lifestyle. So keep a look out for that, And Scott I BLAME YOU FOR GETTING ME ADDICTED TO TWITTER LOL. I enjoyed your class, keep teaching it!

-Jay V (DJ Nexus)


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