Michael Jackson is Brushing Up On Dance Moves – With YouTube


It’s been years since Michael Jackson has performed live in concert, and the ‘King of Pop’ needs more inspiration than just looking at the man in the mirror.

According to The Sun, Jackson has forgotten a few dance steps and is ”watching all the old performance footage he can find” on YouTube.

Sounds like Michael’s rustier than a pair of Susan Boyle’s tweezers?

Hopefully Michael remembers the Moonwalk and forgets all the crotch grabbing – that was just creepy.
I dont know how true this is, but for some reason i am believing it. I really could see Michael jackson looking at old dance moves in order to get himself back into the spot life. I truly believe his career is over. I feel like he would try anything to get back into the spotlight even it requires holding a baby out the window. I the reason I posted this up was to get some feedback. Plus i thought the picture was funny. I would like to thank Reddit for this one!

Who believes this story?


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