Oprah gives away FREE chicken!


he feathers are still flying in the chicken wars, this time with Oprah’s help.

The talk-show host and KFC have teamed up on a offer for free grilled chicken. Today and tomorrow you can download a coupon from unthinKFC.comfor two pieces of grilled chicken, two sides and a biscuit. The coupon is redeemable at participating KFC restaurants until May 19 (excluding May 10, Mother’s Day). You might have trouble downloading the coupon because of heavy traffic at the site.

It’s a combination of Oprah’s famous giveaway schtick (of KFC’s KGC, she said today: “We scored a hookup for every person in America…”) and the promotional machine of the former Kentucky Fried Chicken as the chain hypes the introduction of its grilled chicken.

Last week, KFC and El Pollo Loco staged dueling chicken hand-outs for grilling aficionados. For vegetarians, nothing.

This has to be the craziest thing i have ever heard of. Black women gives away free chicken! Yes its about time, i have been waiting for the day Oprah would bless me with her money and it has come. I think this is the craziest think that people can go and get 2 pieces of chicken with two sides and biscuit for free. Wow, that sounds finger licking good to me, lol. But i am a little curious to see why she would do this. What does Oprah get out of this? Fame? money? any ideas?



  1. Lol, I posted a blog about the samething.

  2. I got my free piece of Grilled Chicken! It tasted almost exactly like the fried chicken??? must be the secrets herbs and spices? I guess it’s healthier?

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