Protesting The New York Post

Protesting The New York Post

Click the picture to see the video provided by The Source Magazine

The image speaks for itself…

The black lady in the video says it best. I Couldn’t say it any better myself.

Its 2009 and we still have a lot of growing to do as a country. This image is not right… not in the least bit. Let me know how you feel about this?


Chris Brown Goes to Anger Management

Chris Brown

Chris Brown Goes to Anger Management
by Vibe

With the hopes of “softening” his image, it is reported that Chris Brown, voluntarily, attended his first anger management class in Glendale, California on Monday afternoon by the strong suggestion of his publicist, Michael Sitrick.
A source from Chris Brown’s camp told the Daily News, “Chris doesn’t actually have to go by law, but he believes it will make him look better to the public, and he wants to try to get in a few classes before March 5.
”Rihanna who celebrated her 21st birthday on Friday will soon be in LA to attend Brown’s trial; she will be testifying. But with people believing Chris Brown should take anger management classes, they believe Rihanna should too. ““Rihanna is temperamental, too. “They’re both too hot-headed for their own good” according to the source.

I personally think that Chris Brown has a long way to go before people find him credible. He has already lost many endorsement and a lot of his fans. In the past two weeks i never have seen so many Anti-Chris Brown groups. I also believe he has lost a lot of respect from his female audience, and i think many of his fans he wont get back. Unless he pulls sort magic like R Kelly did for peeing on under age women. Its funny how most people forget about that… However Chris Brown’s career is never going to rise back to the top, and if so, not to the same degree as in the past. The Anger Management classes feels like it is a cry out for public forgiveness, but lets see if it works. Still the biggest question everyone wants to know is why? Why did he do it? Any Thoughts….

Quick Plug :) My B-Day Party

My Birthday Party

Quick little plug, hope you dont mind.


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Friday March 6th

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American Legion
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Letter To The Editor #2

Many Plans to Curtail Use of Plastic Bags, but Not Much Action

Many Plans to Curtail Use of Plastic Bags, but Not Much Action

Dear Editor

After reading the article ‘Many Plans to Curtail Use of Plastic Bags, but Not Much Action’ by William Yardley, I was curious about how local citizens felt about the matter since if potentially the fee went through, they would be the ones paying for the bags. Also is this going to be a state to state issue or a national environmental concern. I think this will stir up other ways for stores to make money. For example paying a fee to use a shopping car inside of a grocery store. I the article was well written and I think the public would appreciate a follow on this topic.

Jamerson Vincent
University Of Massachusetts -Senior

My reason for writing this letter to the editor is because, I once had an experience with having to pay for plastic bags at a grocery story in Chicopee. I brought my goods then noticed the store wasn’t bagging them. Then I asked the lady at the register if i could have plastic bags and she told me i had to pay per each bag. At first I thought it was a joke and laughed. Then I soon realized that this was part of the store’s business. The only question I am concerned with is that if the money was going to help the environment or the owner of the store. In the article i really though it would be more interesting to see what other citizens would have to say about paying for bags. Back home in Boston, MA I have never experienced it before. This was good article, and enjoyed reading it. However I emailed the editor haven’t heard back. All i received was a automated Email response of submission.

Letter To The Editor #1

Police report expanded use of Tasers
After Reading this article in the Boston Globe 2/22

Police report expanded use of Tasers

Here is my letter to the editor, in which i am still waiting to hear back from.

Dear Editor

After reading the article ‘Police report expanded use of Tasers’. I was wondering if it was at all possible to do a follow-up with the Fall River Police department and potentially get a few words from other officers on the force. I think it would be quite interesting to hear their opinions on tasers with knowledge of at least 334 pass deaths in 2001, as mentioned in the article. I would also like to know how the officers would feel if potential victims received permanent damage from tasers? Futhermore, I would assume that the general public would be interested in knowing how many times is it possible for a officer to use the weapon in an altercation. Are there any limitations?


Jamerson Vincent
University Of Massachusetts -Senior

My reasons for writing this letter to the editor is because in the past was interested with tasers and their use on general public. Also after reading the article i didn’t know they were already using them in Massachusetts, so it had really caught my attention. However when reading the article a few question to came to mind which I incorporated into to my letter. One of which i found very important was how other police officers felt about using the weapon not just the sergeant. I think other officers may have a different opinion about the matter. Also being a massachusetts resident non of the town/cities mentioned in the article that actually us tasers, have a high crime rate. I wonder how does each town get a license to use one and what is the process does that particular police force have to go through to be approved of one. While sending a letter to the editor, I am still currently waiting to hear back from, however they did a auto response email letting me know they received my email.

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