Beyonce and the Nintendo DS

This following post is a response to Beyonce promoting a new video game and the Nintendo DS.

Beyonce- Nintendo DS

Here is the link of the Article

“Even though we’re mad that Beyonce seems to be better than us at Nintendo DS game Rhythm Heaven, the commercial featuring the diva and nephew Daniel is adorable.
We’ve got behind the scenes video of Beyonce on the set of the commercial talking about using the portable game system as an escape. Check it out after the jump.”
-The Source

After viewing the video i was really shocked to see Beyonce playing with the Nintendo DS. I part of me feels like its a publicity stunt because I highly doubt that Beyonce has time at all to sit down and use both hands. Plus I don’t really understand what crowd Nintendo was trying to reach with putting Beyonce in the commercial. Any Ideas? Anyways when i first view the media clip i thought it was a joke, BUT ITS ACTUALLY REAL. I like beyonce has a artist but i don’t know how i feel about here and video games. I though the part with her nephew worked but rest of it seems like its gonna need some work to grab consumers.


Project #3 Finger Lickin Wrong (Please Comment)

This post has to do with an article written in The Source Magazine Please Read.

Ok…Where do i start with this one, lol. Lets see first of all I am a young 23 year old black man and I think people in New York are absolutely crazy for this one. First of all having the new president Barack Obama on “Obama Fried Chicken” and “Obama Flavor Caribbean Soul” restaurants I think is bad promotion. I understand the idea is trendy and cool, however I think it is very dangerous as well. What happens if this brother messes up in office? You think people will keep his name up…I dont think so. That’s like having “Nixons Fine Cuisine” You think a lot people would really want to eat there? Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy Obama is in office but think we should take it easy and see how his presidency goes. Remember he’s not superman, he’s human.

Tell me what you think:
Is it right or is it wrong?
Could it stir up conflict?
If you were the owner would you do it?


In this assignment i wanted to focus on trying to get the most comments possible. By this I thought about a different aspects i could take in trying to achieve my goal. My first thought was attempting to write something has was current in events. I then figured out that could work, however their was a different approach i took instead. I took as step back in this project and decided that I wanted to post something that would grab lots of attention. I then thought that if i posted something funny and a current event it would have higher chance of getting viewers and people to post. I then went looking around for about two to three days trying to find something funny to post. I thought if i was lucky enough I would get some of the most comments in the class, but that didn’t go as planned, lol. Then i found an article posted in the The Source Magazine about people labeling their restaurants and stores after our current president Barack Obama I thought that would be a funny article that would grasp a lot of attention to get people to post on. I then went ahead and posted the article and inside asked a few compelling question in attempt to get fellow students and others to comment on. At first comments were starting to come in, then eventually if slowed down to the point were i wasn’t getting any other comments. One reason for this maybe because i didn’t promote my blog to fellow friends and only kept it to my classmates and family. But one good point that I was very proud of was that i got many people to comment on this post who never commented before on my blog at all. I was actually really excited by this just to know that people were reading my blog and were affect in my post. Even if they thought it was funny or touchy topic. Overall i wanted to give my own personal views so that people could have the option of agreeing or disagreeing with me. I thought this assignment went well, but most importantly I had fun with assignments, from creating the post all the way down to reading the comments.

Assignment For The Week- Radio Station

For this weeks assignment I decided to focus one of my favorite Stations Hot 93.7. After listening to the station for many years i never once called up and tired to get threw to one of my favorite shows. I focused on two shows. Fist is a segment during the day the is called “Tell them why your mad” Which is when people calll up and basically complain about why there mad. This is on of the most popular place for listeners to participate in getting on air. After listening to the station for a few years most of these calls are prerecorded and are played back to back. However if your not familiar with the show it just should like the on-air personality is just taking back to back calls. One way to tell it is prerecorded is because each caller doesnt sound nervous or short for word. They pick whatever call-ins that they find more appealing or hilarious to their listeners.

So I decided to attempting reach out to the station and see if I could get recorded for the show. Once i called the station i was forwarded to a directory board where their are numerous options to choose from. Some where for the program direct and on-air personalities others to call in for a designated show. Once i stayed on the line i was forward to an operator who then tried to service me. I told the lady that I was trying to leave a message for the “Tell Them Why Your Mad” segment. She told me they werent taking calls at the moment and try back later. I waited a few hours, went on facebook, and decided to call again once I tired calling again. I got the same response. I figured that the station was busy since it was midday afternoon and maybe they were getting a high frequency of calls or maybe i didnt call in at the right time to get recorded.

After that fail i laughed to myself and thought about trying to call in for the “late night love” show with Linda Reynolds. I honestly hate that show and find it so stupied because all the people the call in to give shout outs are single women with kids who like to give a shout out to their baby daddies who are behind bars. Is it me or does the CT area have a high number or lonely women? I find it weird at 3 out of every 5 callers have the same type of request. So i figured what was the chance of me getting on the station to give a shout out to my girlfriend and talk on-air with the on-air personality. Once Calling it i reached a operator who forwarded me to Linda Reynolds show. It was my lucky day. I got on to the show that I couldn’t stand the most! The personality picked up and asked me what my name is and where i was from and then asked me who i wanted to request a song for. I then decided to stay in my car for 10 minutes and see if she would actually play my song and put me on-air. Come to find out when I was on-air i was prerecorded and then she paid the song I requested after. I sat their laughing while parking my car in the purple lot of southwest after work.

After reading Talking Radio and watching the film in class. The big dramatic difference i noticed was that the guy dies in the movie and lives in the book. That threw me off a little because i wasn’t expecting that when watching the film.