7 Badass Cartoon Villains Who Lost to Retarded Heroes

This was an article i came across in reddit.com that I thought would be a good piece to post and comment on feedback. Its pretty funny.

7 Badass Cartoon Villains Who Lost to Retarded Heroes

Dr. Claw
Dr Claw

Who Was He Constantly Losing To?
Inspector Gadget

Overall the article is very simple to understand, but the many reason i posted this was bases solely on how many comments it received while being on the internet. The article received over 114 Comments. I thought that i would find only massive numbers of comment in newspaper articles but clearly i was was wrong. The comments people posted were all over the place some pertaining to the article and some not. However did notice something about these comments that i didn’t notice in the last, and that was the constant return users. Some users would post then come back a few hours later and make another comment and reply to someone else’s as well. It seemed as though people were creating their own identity online through their comments and user names.


Obama Scandal

Obama Scandal

Here is The link of the article

This is one of the funnest things i ever seen. This guy goes into wikipedia and tries to edit the Wiki of Barack Obama. Hey then later gets caught and tires to say that he was not behind editing the post. He then later states…

“I am not ‘Jerusalem21,’ but I do know the Wikipedia user (he works with me and does research for me), and I worked with him on this story,” Klein writes, adding that he “personally” oversaw “Jerusalem21”

So basically he is clearly behind the post, but doesnt want to take the blame for it. So instead he puts it on an imaginary friend , when reality it was him. The best part is that he “personally oversaw Jerusalem21” which was the username he probably created. So if for some reason this guy ends of disappearing of the face of the earth just know the government has him locked up some where nice and “safe”, LOL. Also their were over 30 comments for this article. The best comment was from user: LittleLolly, the state “Mr. Klein: Obama won. Get Over It!”

Assignment for the Week: Get your comment on

After commenting on different stories, I focused most, if not all of my comments on the music business in different magazine. One of which i commented a lot in was the source magazine. They always have great stories that people often comment on and leave good advice or crazy statements. I tired two different approaches on comments to see which one would give me the most feed. First I would state my opinion then leaving a question for others to respond. I only had two comments that people responded in this circumstance. Most people just ignored my questions and would just post some random jargon. But amazingly when i would state a crazy post out of left field, i would get more comments. I really think people respond more to things they find funny and interesting then opposing a question. Overall i felt that not often are people going to reply to your post unless it really catches the viewers eye. It was a cool experience i didn’t mind.