New male contraceptive injection appears effective

An injection for men appears to be just as effective at preventing pregnancy as the birth control pill, finds new research that could revolutionize contraception.

In testing in China, only one man in 100 fathered a child while on the injections, the study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism reports.

The contraceptive is a form of testosterone that is injected into the buttocks once a month. It works by temporarily blocking sperm production.

Chinese researchers injected 1,045 healthy Chinese men aged 20 to 45 years with a 500 mg of testosterone undecanoate in oil, once a month for 24 months. All of the study participants had had at least one child and all their female partners, aged 18 and 38 years, also had normal reproductive function.

They found the contraceptive was almost 99 per cent effective, with a failure rate of only 1.1 per 100 men.
Im curious in seeing if this drug will ever come to the states. I wonder what it would do to the birth rate especially in teenage pregnancy. Any thoughts? Also i feel as though the drug is working 99%, I still think it needs more time on the market to find out if there are any side affects. You might find out 20 years later after take the drug a male is not able to reproduce. Plus I wonder what the chances are of it selling here in america? Any thoughts? I do think this drug is a good i however, it still needs more testing.

PS: I dont think im a fan of getting a shot in the butt every month.


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