Hacking a Bluetooth Cellphone


Walking around with Bluetooth enabled on your cell phones is just like presenting food to a hungry man.

Hackers can easily connect to your device using simple Bluetooth Transmitter and they are then able to manipulate your device without letting you know about it. Let me first define how it happens and then we’ll go to – how to protect your device from Bluetooth hacking attacks.
Bluetooth is a well-known and widely used short range wireless communication technology which uses 2.4GHz frequency range for transmission of data without any physical link. Most of the latest cell phones have the Bluetooth technology. People use it for attaching their cell phone with computers, enabling Bluetooth wireless hands-free and in-car connectivity without knowing that it is an open door to hackers.
While discussing about the past, cell phones and telecommunication companies were “closed network” but as technology grew, Cell phones become more than an ordinary cell phone to a mini-computer. And so, hackers have tended their concentration towards hacking of these mini-computers or so called Cell phones.
I guess it is possible to hack into anything. Just when you thought your phones were safe, nope. This goes to prove that people can hack all the way into your phone. I wonder if it is at all possible to have protection from this. But i do think that these types of crimes are going to become more popular over time. All it takes is for the the hacker to download a program then, after use a antenna to pick the signal. The hacker can tap into another persons phone, or computer. I guess i wont be pairing my electronics anymore.


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